Aims and Objectives

My principal aim is to provide a warm, nurturing, creative and challenging environment where babies and children in my care can feel safe, grow and develop in line with the GIRFEC guidelines and SHANARRI indicators. 


Play and exploring outdoors provide valuable learning opportunities and this is something I encourage to allow children the chance to be active and outdoors. This encourages children to be responsible as well as understanding risk as well as how to be safe, active and healthy.


I aim to provide affordable, caring childcare for local families which is fully accessible and non-discriminatory. The service aims to be fully inclusive, flexible to suit the needs of individual families when possible and will encourage individuality for each child. 


I will work closely with parents/carers to ensure the service I provide meets their expectations. This will allow me to treat each child as an individual and track their progress and development whilst in my care. I will celebrate every achievement - this is not measured against the other children and is based on the child’s own progress and development. 


I will focus on each child’s health and safety, their wellbeing and will always encourage their emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. I will help the children to develop their self-esteem and develop an atmosphere of mutual respect throughout the service. Children will be respected and consulted as part of the daily routine to be included in decisions which affect them and be responsible for their actions and choices. I will be aware of potential vulnerabilities or additional support needs children may have and work closely with their parents and relevant agencies to ensure my care is adapted where appropriate. 


I will join local groups and activities to provide opportunities for social interaction and play. I will also work closely with other local childminders within Methven to broaden the relationships of the children. 


I will regularly conduct risk assessments, health and safety checks, fire safety assessments and ensure I am up to date with first aid and food hygiene requirements. I will always be on the look out for additional training opportunities and courses available to further develop my own skills.