Babies, Infants and Toddlers (not attending nursery)

I offer a range of options for 'daytime' care including an hourly rate, half day slot and full day slot. My prices are comparative with a local private nursery but I can offer smaller ratios and a more dedicated service in my home. For more information on fees or availability - please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Nursery and School-Aged Children

"Wrap-Around" Care 

Morning - from 8am with nursery/school drop off for Methven Primary School

After School - nursery/school pick up from Methven Primary School with collection by 6pm

These prices are based on my hourly rate with nursery collections from 3pm and school from 3.15pm. PLEASE NOTE - breakfast and an evening meal are not included. 

Holiday Cover 

Holiday cover is available for a discounted, full day rate which includes lunch and snacks. If you do not wish additional holiday cover and have alternative arrangements - you will still be required to pay the fees arranged in your contract to hold the space whether you are using the space or not. 

  • Please feel free to collect your child at any time that suits you - just let me know ahead of time if you'll be unusually early in case we are out or it comes during a transition period during the course of the day

Fees are reviewed every year - any changes will be notified in plenty of time.

Fees will be invoiced monthly - you will receive your invoice in the first fortnight of the month. Fees are payable by Bank Transfer or Standing Order to be received by the last working day of the month to allow the following month's childcare to continue. If fees are not paid on time, your contract may be subject to late fees or, eventually, termination of the contract. If you have any issues or concerns with payment, please contact me at the earliest point so we can work something out. 

PLEASE NOTE: Fees are based on the space the contract fills and not attendance. If you or your child are ill, unable to attend or you have holidays, etc - you will still be charged the full cost as agreed in our contract. If I am ill or on holiday - no fees are payable. For new enquiries or holiday cover, priority will always be given to the largest usage of spaces. Deposits will be due to secure spaces and retainer fees may be required to keep the space for you if you are booking more than 1 month in advance. 

My holidays will be notified in plenty of time to allow you to arrange alternative childcare. I will take approximately 5-6 weeks per year including the Christmas and New Year period. My holidays will be varied between term time and school holiday dates. I will operate as standard on Bank Holidays with no additional fees or charges.