Food and Drink

For all sessions, healthy snacks are provided as part of the service with no additional costs and lunch for those attending over lunchtime. 

If you decide to provide a packed lunch from home, please be mindful that my service focuses on Healthy Eating and would therefore ask that you send relatively healthy, nutritional items only - no cakes, chocolate etc and please do not send them with additional snacks as this is unfair on the other children in my care. For packed lunches, I would also ask that no fizzy drinks are provided - I do not allow my own children to have this.


Desserts may be served and will be in line with recommended sweet treats or those offered by Tayside Contracts for schools such as brownie or cake with custard, ice cream, yoghurts, fruit salad, rice pudding, frozen yoghurt, apple crumble, a mini muffin, an individual biscuit, etc. Any baking activities and treats will be used in place of dessert for that day. These will not be provided daily.

Some ideas of snacks and meals I will provide - 


  • Fruit

  • Vegetable crudites with dip

  • Breadsticks

  • Yoghurts and fromage frais

  • Crackers with cheese

  • Rice crackers or oatcakes

  • Miniature cheese sticks or Babybel

  • Scotch Pancakes

  • Bagels

  • Fruit toast with margarine

  • Home-made snacks such as granola bars, yoghurt bark, flapjack, etc

  • Crisps

  • Fruit based snacks 



  • Whole milk

  • Water

  • Diluted no added sugar squash

  • Fresh fruit juices - diluted where needed


  • Sandwiches, rolls, wraps, bagels, pitta pockets

  • Fillings - hot dogs, cold meat, cheese, cheese spread, tuna mayo, egg mayo or jam

  • Vegetable crudites with dip

  • Mini salad and boiled eggs

  • Cold sausage rolls and cocktail sausages

  • Chilled pasta with tuna mayo and sweetcorn

  • Salad

  • Soup

  • Toast with beans, ravioli or meatballs

  • Cheese on toast

  • Toasties

  • Pizza

  • Baked potato with tuna, beans and/or cheese

  • Pasta bake with tomato sauce and veg

  • Nachos with hidden vegetables

  • Tuna and sweet potato burgers

  • Quiche, frittata or scrambled egg with veg